Smart ideas, beautifully executed. It’s what we push for every day. Walls covered with concepts. A pursuit of strategy, smarts, great work and great relationships. A desire to create campaigns that will be loved – and that will last.

We keep pace with the market’s leading brands. We work hard at it.  And when we play, we play well too.

Behind C&B Advertising are the many talented art directors, writers, account managers, photographers, directors, and illustrators who work with us in a variety of ways. We’re always interested in adding the right people - full time, on contract, or by project.


Account Director  Closing June 29

C&B is known for long lasting client relationships. We value relentless dedication to our clients, smarts, strategy, honesty and integrity.

And that takes great people.

Always-on professionalism. Powerful planning. Problem solving. Our Account Directors lead big, multi-channel campaigns for well-known brands. By working closely with our clients, thinking strategically, understanding media and message, inspiring the creative process, and by getting the job done.


C&B holds the craft of writing in high regard. Our business has been built on telling compelling, memorable stories in long form or short. And that takes writers. Damn good writers.

Professional demeanor. Productive, proactive approach. Powerful Ideas. They’re just a few of the qualities we expect in our copywriters.

On any given day our solutions range from 2 words to two thousand.  We want writers who have an ability in a variety of channels: video, television, digital, radio, short form, long form.